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Remember to mention it's for "John & Jess' Wedding"!

Pre Covid-19 note from John and Jess:

We both wanted a small wedding, we also wanted it to not be just about us - we wanted it to transcend us, our vision was for our family and friends to come together to celebrate our day.  October 19th, 2021 truly would not be happening if it wasn’t for our friends and family. 

More importantly we wanted to leave a long-lasting positive effect in the area we were getting married in, it was important for us to give back to this area that will be giving us our dream day. We investigated several foundations in the area such as the Dollywood Foundation Imagination Library.  When we visited the Sevier County Humane Society (SCHS) and learned that they were just as passionate about cats as we are, we wanted to join them in their mission to end cat over population. 

Awareness is the key to reducing pet overpopulation and stopping unwanted animals from being born. The SCHS started up a program called Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (SPOT) to cover two areas; subsidizing the spay/neuter surgeries for low income families and to raise awareness for the general welfare of cats in an area where most people think of them as property and not as pets/family members.

The SCHS has a saying that we simply just love - "A pet is not 'rescued' until it is fixed."

In lieu of wedding gifts, we are asking for a donation be made in our names to the Sevier County Humane Society

  • $45 will cover one cat's procedure,

  • $100 will cover a litter of kittens and their mother. 

  • No amount is too small.

  • In lieu of wedding favors, we will be donating to SCHS in your name as well.

Thank you for helping us realize our dream and passion of advocating for all cats.    

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"In Tennessee, an Appalachian attitude that animals are property rather then family members, still exists today. Cats are under served in our community and little consideration is given to their existence or welfare. The SCHS strives to change that belief, to elevate their status and improve their quality of life. Passionate, generous and caring people like John and Jessica give hope to that mission.

Their philanthropic approach and advocacy for cat spay/neuter and TNR will help decrease their numbers, promote responsible cat ownership and advance the well being of community cats so they can peacefully co-exist in our community. 

We are most grateful to John and Jessica for their lifework with cats and especially for the high regard they foster in acknowledging our feline friends in Sevier County."

- Cheri
Board of Director
Sevier County Humane Society

Donation Instructions

1. Visit their official donations page here.
2. Click on a donation amount, or type up your own and click "Donate."
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3. Click on "View Cart", then on "Proceed to Checkout".
4. Fill out your details, and under "Additional Information", "Order Notes (Optional)" type in : John & Jess' Wedding Gift Donation

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5. Click on "Proceed to PayPal" and follow their instructions to add your payment method and finish your donation.
6. You're all set, thank you so much!