- Save the date, John & Jess are tying the knot! -


October 19th, 2021

at 1:00pm

Honeysuckle Hills, TN


Our Story

When John and Jess met, they were two adjoining pieces from the same puzzle, but did not know it yet because to each other, they were very different people with different focuses. Jessica, a business owner,
was a workaholic and would work non-stop from the time she got up to when she went to bed. John, suffering from depression & emotionally suppressed, had isolated himself from others and physical
contact with others was uncomfortable.


A month after meeting, Jess reached out and asked John out for a drink and John, surprising himself, was happy about it and agreed. John had bad anxiety about talking, holding a conversation with people
he isn’t too familiar with, so he came up with an ice breaker. Both John and Jess love cats so he said they should wear the most outlandish and craziest cat shirts they had. The date, in short, was Amazing for both. Jess describes it as “the most magical night” while John says,
“I can’t get over how comfortable and chatty I was.” The night ended around 2am and then dates two and three came quickly after.

However, after several months of dating it became clear that they weren’t yet ready to fit together, and they went their separate ways at the start of the year. Almost a year later, they reached out to each other and opened back up the lines of communication and started talking again. The time apart, while hard for both in different ways, brought them closer together when they decided to date again.


The 2nd go at dating their puzzles pieces started to fit; it became clearer and clearer they were better together. They took their first vacation together, they gutted and renovated then John’s home, now their home, they started planning for their future.


Jess found balance with John along with the gift of belly hurting laughter. John found joy in doing the small stuff like working with Jess on projects as well as entertaining others in his home. His emotional suppression lifted (it was like going from seeing black and white to full color), he was surprised to be crying during movies and enjoyed traveling once again. Over time it was proven over and over they were better and stronger together. Like two ropes tied in a fishman’s knot. When John could no longer picture his life without Jess, he proposed on October 3 rd , 2019 in front of her family in her hometown of Port Jefferson, NY.


John and Jess could not have found each other or gotten to this point in their lives, fitting together so purrfectly, without you, our family and friends. You were there every step of our way encouraging,supporting and allowing us to lean on you. Thank you!! We hope you can celebrate us Tying the Knot; whether you will be joining us at Honeysuckle Hills, TN, celebrating locally in Washington or by honoring us with a donation to Sevier County Humane Society.

We couldn’t have joined together without YOU! Thank you!

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